The Talent Inn History

With over 15 year of experience in the Audit, Risk and Finance fields, we started our first recruitment agency in 2017. We had a clear mission at the time: to use our knowledge and experience in these areas to give professionals and organizations a different recruitment experience. We are happy and proud of all the successful matches we made and we feel ready for the next step!

Our focus has never been on past experience and resume, but on future potential and culture match. Through The Talent Inn, we offer you a 5-star job matching experience enabling a job, person and culture fit for a true sustainable match.

Our mission and vision

We believe that employee happiness is crucial to the long-term health of organizations. Professionals are most happy in a work environment that aligns with their personal and professional values. Our mission is to help all professionals find such an environment.

We extend job fit with person & culture fit by using advanced technologies, which enables more sustainable matches between companies and professionals.


Our ambition is to become the largest job matching portal that enables job matching beyond the resume. We want to keep offering innovative tools to make the invisible visible. This enables both professionals and companies to make a more informed decision before the first contact.

The start of something new is always exciting and you cannot do all at once. Initially, we focus on job matching in our current expertise fields: Audit, Risk, Finance, Compliance and Data. We aim to expand to other disciplines in the future.

We put a lot of efforts and energy in making connections with new companies and in welcoming new talent. See you soon at The Talent Inn!

Our Team


Talent Partner

Key personal values: Enthusiasm – Creativity – Entrepreneurship – Integrity – Commitment – Performance

Life motto: There is always a solution to every challenge, you just have to be creative enough to find it.


Talent Partner

Key personal values: Commitment – Empathy – Integrity – Ownership – Positivity – Reliability

Life motto: The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, just do it!

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