4 Signs That This is Not the Job for You!

Many studies over the past few decades have shown that a solid fit between professional and their work environment leads to positive outcomes like increased productivity, engagement and job satisfaction. At some point or another in our careers, unfortunately, we’ve all experienced the feeling ourselves that we are somehow at odds with our work environment. Whether a workplace turned out toxic or the work itself is too stressful, depresses you and leads to a burnout, these bad job signs were probably there.

Even if you made sure to research the company and its culture before you accepted the job offer, we know that it’s hard to gauge company culture from only a handful of interviews and interactions. So, if you’re wondering why you feel so wrong when you walk into the office, here are the key bad job signs that indicate you have probably made the wrong choice – and what to do about it!

You’re Feeling Burned Out All The Time

Everyone experiences being fed up at work from time to time, but if you’re feeling emotionally exhausted, headache-y, and have difficulty concentrating more often than not, then it could be because your values don’t match what your workplace is demanding from you.

Studies have shown that job burnout signs can be linked to how you perceive how you’re treated at work, which we’ll touch on shortly. But, we all know how exhausting it is to pretend to be someone you’re not just to fit in with the crowd.

You’ve Changed Your Behavior At Work

Changed behavior is one of the signs your job is killing you. If you don’t feel like you fit in, then you might have noticed yourself adopting the behavior of your colleagues or manager to alleviate the discomfort that comes with being a misfit. You might have started using the same phrases or language as others or found comfort in spending social time with your coworkers.

Although changed behavioral pattners are signs your job is too stressful, unfortunately this strategy often results in increased stress as it becomes painfully obvious that your job’s culture requires you to pretend to be someone you’re not. The more you realize that you can’t bring your whole self to work, the more your mental health begins to suffer.

You Feel Morally Wrong At Work

If your personal values do not match with the culture in your workplace, then studies show that you’re more likely to perceive your feelings differently. Specifically, you’re more likely to assume what feels wrong is morally wrong, and what feels right is morally right.

This is a major source of exhaustion, and often ties into the burnout feelings we mentioned earlier. Not only that, but it often results in feelings of guilt or shame, at least in the early stages of employment. Feeling morally wrong is one of the early signs your job is making you depressed in the long run.

You’ve Become More Indifferent

After feeling somewhat lost for so long, most people resign themselves to the idea that cultural change is impossible, and they’re tired of pretending to fit in. So, they either refuse to play the games they see other colleagues playing and they begin acting truthfully to their personality and make no effort to continue to pretend to be someone else. These are signs a job is toxic – at least for you.

Resignation is the final stage when you’re a work misfit, and you’ll often find yourself either distancing yourself from your employer or, in some cases, taking pride in not fitting in.

Got Any of These Job Signs? We’ve Got You

We all make choices based on information available at a given moment in time which sometimes appears far from optimal in hindsight. This is also the case when choosing jobs. That’s why it’s utterly important to recognize signs of a bad job early.

But wouldn’t it be much better if you could save yourself a misfit and not worry about these bad job signs at all? At the Talent Inn, we know how much it hurts to not fit in at work and we believe that people are most happy in an environment that matches their personal and professional values. This is why we offer you the  Culture Scan to help you find employers whose values align with your own. You can see your culture fit with all jobs at once so you can make the right choice.

So, get yourself signed up to our talent pool, take the Culture Scan, and start searching for jobs where you can bring your whole self to work.


Ilona and Selvi

4 Signs That This is Not the Job for You!