Part 1: Where it all started and why it is important to stay close to your drivers and values

Only 3 years ago, we were living the ‘corporate life’ in Audit, Risk & Finance positions. We definitely enjoyed it and we learned a lot, both content and competence wise. But like many (wo)men walking alongside a certain career path we were having thoughts…you know… whether this is what we really wanted to do for the next 10 years and beyond. And we decided it wasn’t.

But how on earth do you change settings / career when you have a mortgage and family? Well, by just doing it, by starting to materialize the ideas you have. So that is what we did, we sat down and started creating, for evenings and weekends in a row. Recroots was eventually “born” on a plane to Venice: a  recruitment solution with a focus on Audit, Risk and Finance functions run by 2 professionals from the field. Sounds like a plan!

We have enjoyed the ride ever since. Well, most of the time as there were bumps for sure and our patience and resilience were put to the test quite often.  While our background and experience (our roots) helped us to better understand our clients’ needs and the ambitions of professionals, we were absolute newbies in the recruitment arena (which is quite a though one, I can assure you). Nevertheless, with every match we made and the added value that we could bring through our roots, our confidence grew.

‘‘Well, good for you” I can hear you think, so you took the jump and managed to build your own recruitment company. True, but this is not the message we would like to share, so stay with us for a few sentences / seconds.

At Recroots, we are able to work alongside our own (shared) values every day, enjoy the flexibility that entrepreneurship gives us, while being close to what drives and energizes us; driving new ideas and solutions and helping people (to find the job they love and that fits them well). This is fulfilling and rewarding.

The purpose of telling our story is not to motivate you to open your own company and radically change your career path (although it could be the right thing to do!). We share our story to motivate you to stay close to your roots and values especially when choosing your work environment.

This is what we kept preaching and practicing and our aim has always been to match a person’s ambitions and values with the work culture environment of the company.  But besides our background, interview techniques and gut feeling, we had no tools to thoroughly assess this in depth. We started searching for solutions that would enable us to make even better matches and this journey eventually led us to founding The Talent Inn.

For the full travelogue, join us in our next blog.

Ilona and Selvi

Part 1: Where it all started and why it is important to stay close to your drivers and values