How a Wrong Hire hurts more than just your Wallet

When you’re looking to hire someone new for your company, you’re spending a lot of time and money to find that special someone. If that someone turns out to be a wrong or bad hire and leaves your organization prematurely, you are left empty-handed and most probably will have to start the hiring process all over again. And not only that!

You can calculate how a wrong match will hit your company wallet here by using our calculator. But, these direct financial costs are only one part of the whole story. Here is how a wrong bad hire can really cost your business.

Lowered Staff Morale

So, imagine you’ve just hired a professional that appears a great fit on paper. But, when she is all onboarded and should be raring to go, she is just … not the right professional for the job. Maybe her personality doesn’t gel with the organization culture or the job responsibilities just don’t fit her after all.

Whatever the reasons are, she will probably get less engaged, less dedicated and it will really impact her happiness at work. In addition, this potentially has a real knock-on effect on team morale and can really impact the office atmosphere. When the team is working together, focusing on the same goals and your new team member is showing disengagement, other team members could start feeling downtrodden, stressed, or negative as well. Altogether, this is how a bad hire increases the likelihood that other team members will leave your organization prematurely.

Reduced Productivity

Maybe the biggest problem with a bad hire is lost productivity. You invest the same number of resources in your new employee but see less output in return. Whatever the reasons are, the effects are potentially serious and, unfortunately, it is not just the new team member that won’t be productive in these situations.

Your team is likely to help out this struggling new colleague by assuming other duties which aren’t really in their job description, leading to a drop in their productivity as well. Over a period of time, a bad hire can have a real impact on results and the overall performance of the team.

Questioning Management

If you hire the wrong professional for the team, it’ll inevitably lead to your team members questioning why you made the decision that you did. Regardless of if you knew someone wasn’t the best fit for the job or not, your employees aren’t to know the motivations behind your hiring decisions.

And, the longer this professional remains in that position, the more your employees will question the management culture in your company. This can put a huge strain on the relationship between employees and management, which, again, can have a significant knock-on effect on team morale and productivity.

Stop Bringing in A Bad Hire Now

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How a Wrong Hire hurts more than just your Wallet