How Diversity and Cultural Fit Can go Hand-in-Hand

You’ve probably guessed this by now, but at the Talent Inn, we are big supporters of hiring for cultural fit. Because of that, we’re no stranger to the misconceptions that follow hiring with a culture fit in mind.

One major misconception that we want to clear up in this blog is the idea that diversity in recruitment and hiring for cultural fit are opposites – but go well together.

Hiring For Values, not Personal Interest or Characteristics

When we talk about hiring new colleagues that fit in at work, what a lot of managers assume is that this means hiring carbon copies of their current team. And, on the surface, this assumption does make sense.

The problem however is that this will lead to less diversity, especially if you already have an undiverse workforce. The idea of hiring people who fit in will then lead to even less diversity in the team.

In one of their latest news articles, our partner CompanyMatch discusses this common misunderstanding. Hiring for cultural fit does not mean hiring professionals with similar hobbies and interests compared to the rest of the team (or yourself, the so-called “clone syndrome”). This explains by the way, why interview questions like “what books do you read”, are irrelevant.

Hiring for cultural fit is about welcoming professionals whose personality, values and work ethics align with your company’s mission value, work dynamic and team culture. These factors transcend personal characteristics such as age, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation and personal interests like one’s favorite sports.

Understanding your Company’s Cultural Fit

The risk of hiring team clones or mini-me’s is higher when your organization lacks a clear understanding of the concept ‘culture fit’.  So, call your team together and start the discussion on what they value in their work place. Is it the way you collaborate, the flexible work hours or your leadership style? Take your mission and core business values. And don’t forget to ask your team what new colleagues should add to the team culture to make it even better!

When you have taken the deep dive, take the Culture Scan to establish an objective tool for measuring a candidate’s cultural fit. And start hiring for cultural fit instead of clones.

How Hiring for Cultural Fit leads to more Diversity in Recruitment

When hiring for cultural fit, a candidate’s values and whether they align with your company comes first. If you see a good match based on cultural fit and job fit, it doesn’t matter what gender, colour or age the candidate has. Just because people have different opinions doesn’t mean you can’t believe in common values. The challenge for organizations is to create a working atmosphere in which it is possible for diverse personalities to cooperate on one level and work together successfully.


Ilona and Selvi

How Diversity and Cultural Fit Can go Hand-in-Hand