Why Companies are still hiring the Wrong Professionals?

When it comes to recruitment, a lot of companies still cling to the old adage that they need the best person for the job (‘job fit’) and avoid hiring the wrong person at the same time. They’re not wrong; companies, of course, need to make sure that their new employees are capable of doing their job and possess the necessary ‘tangible skills’ (like work experience and educational background).

But, what a lot of companies – and particularly those who think hiring for cultural fit is just wishful thinking – don’t realize is how vital cultural fit actually is to a company. Read our previous blog Why Cultural Fit is More Than a Buzzword to understand why it is crucial to also focus on cultural fits to avoid hiring the wrong person.

Interviews & Cultural Fit

The real problem with cultural fit is that it’s a lot more difficult to assess than tangible skills on a resumé. With most companies still using interviews as the main source of information, it’s difficult for hiring managers and HR professionals to get a true measure of how professionals will fit into the workplace. So, you end up with a candidate who you think is perfect for the job, only to find out that you, in fact, were busy hiring the wrong person.

The issue that professionals face on the other side, is that it’s remarkably difficult to understand company culture from the outside. Again, interviews are the main source of information for professionals trying to get more acquainted with the culture of the company they are applying at.

This leads to a situation where 82% of employees have worked somewhere that they disliked the company culture and nearly three-quarters of those employees have felt demotivated. More pressingly, 69% of them wanted to leave ASAP, leaving behind a tricky situation for employers.

Costs of Hiring the Wrong Person

Tricky indeed; the average cost of hiring the wrong person and replacing an employee is around six months’ worth of their annual salary.  Plus, bad hires can have a negative impact on team morale, which can push the true cost up even further. Surveys show that when employers are asked to categorize a bad match, 50% of them describe them as employees who don’t get along well in the team. 29% also say that they focused too much on an employee’s skills, and not enough on attitude and personality.

With statistics like that, it goes to show that the current recruitment practice focuses too much on what an employee can do versus who they truly are. Skills-focused hiring can still cost a company thousands of dollars, even if you do everything in your power to make sure that you stay away from hiring the wrong person for the job. It’s safe to say that, if an employee doesn’t feel happy or that they don’t fit in, you’re at great risk of losing them.

Start Hiring the Right Candidates

At the Talent Inn, we believe that companies can only thrive when their people do. That’s why we’ve built a platform that helps professionals match with companies that align with their personality types, beliefs, and values. Unlike other recruitment solutions or job boards, we focus on a candidate’s future potential and cultural fit when we look to match them with job opportunities. All to stop hiring the wrong person and start hiring the right candidate.


Ilona and Selvi

Why Companies are still hiring the Wrong Professionals?