Around 50% of all new hires will leave a company prematurely. On which side of the coin will your next hire fall?

Curious to find out your potential costs of a wrong hire?

The Talent Inn includes person & culture fit into the equation for a true sustainable job match in the disciplines Audit, Risk, Finance, Compliance, Finance and Data.

We use innovative tools to screen professionals joining our Talent Pool.

You will get scientific insights far beyond the resume before the first interview.

We find the professional who ticks all the boxes; job, person and culture fit.

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You are in good company

The Talent Inn is the place to be

Improve Quality of Hire

Matching on job and culture fit leads to a more sustainable match

Effective & Efficient

Full insight in the talents of the professional already before the first interview

Decrease Time to Hire

No more endless searching for the right candidate. Scarces candidates are already guests at The Talent Inn

Reduce Cost of Hire

No more bad hires, build a sustainable team


We check-in Audit, Risk, Finance, Compliance and Data talent

Employer Branding

Innovative, online tools are superchargers for your employer brand

The Talent Inn welcomes

These Disciplines

All seniority levels

All industries

Experience our 5-star quality match and start building your sustainable team today!

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