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We call ourselves Talent Partners, we source talent smarter.  We leverage various acquisition channels and use smart tools to find and reach relevant active and passive candidates. We are welcoming new professionals to our Talent Pool every day.


All professionals are reviewed before being accepted to our Talent Pool. Our Talent Partners have relevant professional background and can effectively screen candidates. Only accepted professionals get access to their online Talent Room. This is to ensure the relevance of our Talent Pool.


In the Talent Room, the professionals experience a gamified Talent Scan to demonstrate their personality and cognitive abilities in a fun and scientifically validated way. They can also share their company culture preferences via a Culture Scan.


Our Talent Partners will work with you to prepare a competence and personality profile of your ideal candidate. We also guide you on how to make a Culture Scan of your department. We map your requirements with all professionals in our Talent Pool and introduce the best matching professionals only.


Use the extended insights from the Talent Scan and Culture Scan to select the professionals you would like to interview. This way, you can make an informed choice between high-quality professionals while significantly reducing time and cost to hire.

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