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Culture Scan

Start the Culture Scan from your own Talent Room! You will be redirected and in 10 minutes you can share your preferences with regards to work environment and company culture. You can see your Culture Scan results in your Talent Room.

Personalized Job Portal

In your Talent Room you can find a job portal that is personalized for you. For every job posted, your culture match % is directly visible, including a detailed culture match report. Apply directly from your Talent Room and find the job that is a true match with YOU!

Check-in In 5 minutes

FAQ Culture Scan

We believe that people are most happy in a work environment that aligns with their personal and professional values. Our mission is to help you find such an environment. It is difficult to determine upfront how well you fit in with a corporate culture. Via the Culture Scan you can find job opportunities at companies that share your personal and professional values.

Once your Talent Room is created, you can start the Culture Scan by clicking on the ‘Experience Culture Scan’ button in the tab ‘Preferences’. You will be redirected to the Culture Scan environment.

It will take you approximately 10 minutes to take the Culture Scan.

Yes, you can use your phone to take the Culture Scan

In the Culture Scan environment, you will find a unique questionnaire in which corporate culture and personal preferences are mapped. All companies that post their vacancies in your personalized job portal also take the Culture Scan. An algorithm calculates the match between you and the job, based on the results of the Culture Scans.

Yes, you can go back to a previous question to change your answer.

For each job posted in your personalized job portal, you can see a match % and a detailed matching report. You can apply to the jobs that are a good fit with your work culture preferences.

You are the only person who has access to your Talent Room where you can see your Culture Scan results. We, as your Talent Partners, use the results for matching purposes. Only when you apply to a specific position, the matching report is shared with the company.

Culture Scan Preview