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Once your Talent Room is created, you will automatically receive an email invitation to take the Talent Scan. Whenever you are ready, just click on the “Get Started” link. You will be redirected to the environment where you can start the 20-minute Talent Scan at your convenience.

Talent Scan Experience

Be ready for a whole new experience; the Talent Scan is an ongoing chat over a messaging interface, like a WhatsApp conversation. It is scientifically validated and measures 4 cognitive skills and 16 personality traits. Please make sure to complete the Scan to safeguard your stay at The Talent Inn!

Your Talent Selfie

The results of the Talent Scan, your Talent Selfie, show your top cognitive areas and your key personality traits. To make the match even stronger, you can enrich your insights through the Culture Scan. You can now use these insights to find the job that matches you in your personal job portal.

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FAQ Talent Selfie

What makes you a good auditor, data analyst or cyber security specialist? It is clearly not just your knowledge, but what is the best way to determine fit for a particular job?

Organization psychology is providing a set of proven frameworks that can support decision making. It gives tools to measure personality traits (such as the 16 Personality Factor models) and how these traits match specific job profiles (Holland codes and the Five Factor model). The Talent Scan is a scientifically calibrated measurement of your basic cognitive skills (numerical, verbal, logical and attention to detail) and your personality traits. These can be matched with the requirements of a specific role and the company.

The Talent Scan is a gamified online assessment in the form of an ongoing chat over a messaging interface (similar to slack or skype), much like you would use in most companies today. Different executives from a fictional company introduce themselves and ask you different questions. There is a lot of context switching between cognitive areas and psychometric questions, much like in everyday life.

Once your Talent Room is created, you will receive an email invitation to take the Talent Scan. Whenever you are ready, simply click on the “Get Started” link. If you get interrupted for any reason, you can always resume your test by revisiting the same link.

You will probably need pen, paper, and a calculator to complete the numerical part of the assessment, so make sure you have these available.

It will cost you approximately 20 minutes to take the Talent Scan.

Phones will work, but we advise that you use a device (laptop, desktop, tablet) with a screen greater than 9 inches in order to be able to read the questions comfortably.

Restart your browser and try again (by clicking the “GET STARTED” link in the invitation email). You should be able to resume from where you left your assessment. Do note that older browsers (like Internet Explorer) have trouble with modern applications. Please use a modern browser (like Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox or Safari).

Cognitive question are not too difficult but there is a time limit. If you do not answer within the time allotted, you simply advance to the next question. Don’t worry if you miss a few questions – most people will get about 50% of the questions right and less than 2% of the people will get over 90% right.

For the personality questions there is no time limit. Remember there are no right or wrong answers to personality questions. It is important that you showcase your unique personality.

No, once you provide an answer you advance to the next question and there is no way to go back and change your choice.

No. Once you begin, you will not have the option to pause, therefore, make sure your time will be uninterrupted, i.e. put your cell on airplane mode.

We suggest that you fully use the time allotted to answer each question. If you cannot find the right answer within the time limit, you will automatically advance to the next question. You can’t explicitly skip a question, you will have to wait for the timer to expire.

After you complete the Talent Scan, you will see a summary report of your results in your Talent Room. This is your Talent Selfie which shows your top cognitive areas and a description of your key personality traits.

You are the only person who has access to your personal online Talent Room. Your Talent Selfie is displayed in your Talent Room and are for your eyes only. We, as your Talent Partners, use the results of the Talent Scan for matching purposes. Only when you apply to a specific position, these results are shared with the company.

You can now use these insights to find the job that has the best competence fit.

Talent Selfie Preview